Are you an Investor looking for a savvy Perth Settlement Agent?

When buying or selling an investment property there are costs you need to be aware of, as part of your investment budget.

Being prepared for these costs before buying or selling will save time and money. This is particularly relevant when determining if a purchase is feasible.

Investment Property Purchase Costs
Costs to be aware of and incorporate in your budget include;

  • Termite & Building Inspection reports
  • Building insurance
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Loan application fees
  • Stamp duty
  • Registration Fee on Transfer & Mortgage
  • Settlement Fees
  • Strata Insurance/Strata Levies

If you have questions about any of these costs, contact us.


What are Settlement Fees?
Settlement fees are the costs involved for a Settlement Agent to complete the purchase or sale of a property to legally transfer ownership.

The Kidman Conveyancing Services team understand the intricacies of purchasing an investment property.

Our proactive approach means our focus is to complete your settlement efficiently and transparently. Contact Us for a set price quote.

Foreign Investors
Kidman Conveyancing Services are experienced with overseas clients and understand that a purchase or sale of this nature has specialised needs.

Foreign Investors may need to obtain Foreign Investment Review Board Approval before a property can be purchased. There is also the logistics of arranging original paperwork and having it signed and witnessed correctly.

Did you know that the Commissioner of State Revenue has created a new Foreign Buyers Duty calculated at 7% of the purchase price?

If you are a Foreign Investor, contact us to discuss your specific settlement needs.

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