Are you a Developer looking for a proactive Perth Settlement Agent?

Whether you are an experienced property developer or new to the property development industry, Kidman Conveyancing Services can support you to grow your business with our developer conveyancing services

We have 19 years of experience working with Developers in Western Australia as a developer settlement agent. We are proficient at problem-solving and communicating with third parties in relation to all types of settlements.

We liaise with Bankers, Surveyors, Strata Specialists, Accountants and Government Agencies including Councils, the Office of State Revenue, Landgate and the Australian Taxation Office on your behalf to ensure that your settlement runs smoothly.

Kidman Conveyancing aims to provide seamless settlements for developers – to ensure no delays when it comes to subdivision applications or transferring titles to buyers.

Developer Apartments
Land Subdivision

Subdivision Applications

There are numerous steps to a Subdivision Application. The last thing you need is delays that cost time, money and adversely impact your development.

Kidman Conveyancing has extensive experience working alongside developers to manage Title Applications for subdivision projects. These projects include simple battle-axe block subdivision to projects with 200 apartments.

We ensure that all parties are complying with the timelines set by the developer to reduce any unforeseen delays throughout the process.

We are proactive when applying for Titles, we work closely with the surveyors to achieve Lot Sync which makes the Title Applications process faster through Landgate, as well as co-ordinating banks to consent to subdivisions early on in the process so there aren’t any delays.

The last thing we want is a client asking, “When will my titles issue?”

We are meticulous in our attention to detail. This quality is why we are one of the most sought after in Perth conveyancing services.

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The Importance Of A Developer Settlement Agent

As a developer, there are many things on your plate when you are subdividing a property. At Kidman Conveyancing, our aim is to take some of this pressure off your shoulders through our developer conveyancing service. 

When you purchase a new site for development, the process involves numerous steps to ensure that your affairs are all in order legally. The service we provide as a developer settlement agent includes tasks such as: 

  • Preparing all documentation required for the settlement of land
  • Assisting developers in gaining the titles required for subdivision
  • Processing applications for subdivision

With a professional legal team on your side, you can be sure that the business of developing will become much simpler.

Let us help you grow your property development business

A big part of creating a successful property development business is having the right skills within your team from the very beginning. If you are new to the property development industry, the quality guidance that our team can provide means that you will benefit from our collective years of experience as a developer settlement agent

Conveyancing is an important part of the property development process as it refers to the legalities of your property purchase and subdivision. As your conveyancing partner, we want to ensure that every aspect of your development meets the legal requirements to avoid the occurrence of any issues at a later date. 

From your initial land purchase, through subdivision and the application for individual titles, the Kidman Conveyancing team will be by your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Subdivision Blueprints

The Importance Of A Developer conveyancing partnership

At Kidman Conveyancing we have been working with property developers for several years. We place great value in establishing a trusting mutual relationship with our developer clients to ensure that the settlement process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Our team of skilled developer settlement agents work hard to ensure that any issues with property purchase and subsequent subdivisions are handled quickly and professionally. Our services are specifically designed to make your life easier with the support of a qualified and professional team. 

If you are seeking a conveyancing partner for your property development business, look no further than Kidman Conveyancing in Western Australia. We proudly uphold a reputation as one of the best developer settlement agents in the state and would be happy to discuss a potential partnership with you.

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As an experienced agent for developer conveyancing, we believe that we have the expertise to help you grow your business into the future. 

If you are a new developer or an existing property developer looking for the right settlement agent to handle your growing portfolio, Kidman Conveyancing is ready to meet with you to discuss your requirements. 

If you have a growing property development business, contact us today and find out how one of our qualified developer settlement agents can help you.

Can a real estate agent be a conveyancer?

A conveyancer is a licensed legal professional who is specifically trained in property law in Australia. Though many real estate agents may partner with conveyancers if they do not hold the specific legal license to practice conveyancing law, then they cannot act as a conveyancer in Australia. 

When it comes to the purchase of property, it is important to ensure that every document during the process is double-checked with fresh eyes, so using a conveyancer that is separate from the real estate agent that you are using is prudent. 

Mistakes on property documentation can be costly, which is why it is important to employ the services of a qualified and professional developer settlement agent to act on your behalf.

How are settlement costs calculated?

When it comes to the cost of a developer conveyancing specialist to act on your behalf for the purchase of large properties, settlement costs are agreed to by negotiation. Property developers often choose to use the services of their conveyancers exclusively and may choose to opt for a standing agreement when it comes to settlement costs on multiple developments

The best way to establish the cost of a developer settlement agent is to meet with your preferred agent first to discuss the size of the development you are proposing and any potential for a business partnership moving forward. This way, your settlement fees can be structured either into a partnership deal or agreed upon as a singular service so you know what the exact costs will be. 

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