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Are you a Developer looking for a proactive Perth Settlement Agent?

Whether you are an experienced or new Developer, Kidman Conveyancing Services can support you to grow your business.

We have 19 years of experience working with Developers. We are proficient at problem solving and communicating with third parties in relation to settlements.

We liaise with Bankers, Surveyors, Strata Specialists, Accountants and Government Agencies including Councils, Office of State Revenue, Landgate and the Australian Taxation Office.

Kidman Conveyancing aim to provide seamless settlements for developers – to ensure no delays when it comes to subdivision applications or transferring titles to buyers.


Subdivision Applications
There are numerous steps to a Subdivision Application. The last thing you need is delays that cost time, money and adversely impact your development.

Kidman Conveyancing have extensive experience working alongside developers to manage Title Applications for subdivision projects. These projects include simple battle-axe block subdivision to projects with 200 apartments.

We ensure that all parties are complying with the timelines set by the developer to reduce any unforeseen delays through the process.

We are proactive when applying for Titles, we work closely with the surveyors to achieve Lot Sync which makes Title Applications process faster through Landgate, as well as co-ordinating banks to consent to subdivisions early on in the process so there aren’t any delays.

The last thing we want is a client asking, “When will my titles issue?”

We are meticulous in our attention to detail. This quality is why we are one of the most sought after in Perth conveyancing services.

Contact us about growing your property development business.